“To bring new, innovative products and technologies to the housing marketplace that will make living conditions safer, more secure and comfortable. Our target audience includes students, seniors, multi-housing residents, as well as property managers/owners”.


MicroFridge® Energy Star Rated Appliances

MicroFridge® is the original 3-in-1 refrigerator, freezer and microwave combination appliance that is also Energy Star rated, requiring 30% less electricity to operate. We offer full service rental programs including all marketing aspects to students at colleges and universities in the Northeast/Mid Atlantic regions of the U.S.

Security Safe

Our Security Safe features a keypad/card slide access system that allows operation of the safe with a personal PIN code or credit card. The large 1.1 cu ft. storage capacity easily accommodates the larger laptop computers and accessories, CD/MP3 players, camera/video recorder, jewelry, maintenance medications, as well as travel documents.
Our Security Safe is available for purchase @ $199.95 plus shipping and handling.


Fire Shield® Safety Power Cord/Surge Protectors

Fire Shield® safety cords are the only power strips available today with built-in intelligence to prevent:
cord fires, significant power surges up to 6,000 V.
cord overloads and electrical shock. Fire Shield Safety Surge Protectors are available for purchase in three configurations: 6’/8 outlet; 12’/6 outlet; 3’/6 outlet.

Safe-T-sensor™ For Microwave Ovens

Safe-T-sensor™ has been engineered to sense smoke from overcooked popcorn and other snack foods in the very early stages of combustion. At this stage, the microwave oven is turned off before it activates the smoke alarm. The overall objective is to dramatically reduce the number of “nuisance alarms” caused by microwave cooking which can lead to student apathy if left unchecked. Safe-T-sensor™ is available for student purchase, as well as direct purchase by institutions for their housing operations and common area kitchens. Safe-T-sensor™ kits are available for $75/kit plus shipping and handling.

University Logistics, Inc. cordially invites you to inquire about any of the above listed products by contacting Bill Berger, Managing Director at (215) 862-5338 or (215) 595-4650; billberg1743@comcast.net
or call our corporate offices at (718) 204-8080