Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to order the MicroFridge ®, but I do not know my roommate or my residence hall assignment.
A: You should fill out the order form and submit it from our order page. This way you have a unit reserved for the initial delivery date. If you find out your roommate has ordered also, or that they are bringing a refirgerator with them, you can cancel the order and get a full refund as long as the MicroFridge has yet to be delivered.

Q: Is the price for one or two semesters?
A: The rental price is for both semesters.

Q: Is the MicroFridge delivered to my room?
A: Yes, we deliver the unit directly to your room.

Q: Can the MicroFridge be purchased?
A: No, the MicroFridge is not available for purchase.

Q: What happens if the unit stops working?
A: We will replace your unit with a new one.

Q: What if my roommate and I both order the MicroFridge?
A: Our computer system recognizes duplicate orders and fully refunds the person who sent in the most recent payment.

Q: Do we both send a check for half the amount or should one of us pay for the unit?
A: We ask that only one payment be sent for the entire rental amount. Then you and your roommate can split the cost between yourselves.

Q: What if my room gets changed?
A: You must notify us immediately if you move the MicroFridge so we can change our records.

Q: How big is the MicroFridge?
A: The MicroFridge is 18-5/8" W x 19-1/2" D x 43-1/2" H and weighs 88 lbs. The freezer is 0.7 cubic ceet. The refrigerator is 2.1 cubic feet and the microwave is 0.6 cubic feet.

Q: When is the MicroFridge delivered?
A: All orders received prior to August 17th will be delivered directly to the student rooms prior to the start of the academic year.

Q: When is the MicroFridge picked up?
A: All units are picked up directly from the student room.